About Us

The VALUES Project is a multi-disciplinary effort across several institutions. If you would like to use videos on this website in your own research, please complete the Research License Agreement form.

Research Team

Stanford University School of Medicine

Sandra Soo-Jin Lee, PhD (PI)
Mildred Cho, PhD
David Magnus PhD
Steve Goodman, MD, MHS, PhD
Kelly Ormond, MS
Nina Varsava, MA

Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute

Harold S. Luft, Ph.D.
Meghan Halley, PhD, MPH
Katie Gillespie, MA, MPH
Yasmin Hernandez
Lu Wah Hung

Seattle Children’s Hospital

Benjamin Wilfond, MD
Stephanie Alessi Kraft, JD


Booster Shot Media

Gary Ashwal, MA
Alex Thomas, MD

The VALUES project is supported by the National Library of Medicine (1R01LM012180-01)

This project is currently maintained by the Columbia University Division of Ethics.

For more information please contact sandra.lee@columbia.edu.